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Nice game

HELL ROOM HAS MADE IT INTO THE 4TH GAMES OF TERROR!  i didn't what was going on this game but it was freaky so good job! 

It was really fun I enjoyed playing it had some good jumpscares :) 

It's shorter than I hoped, but it had good atmospher. The monsters/things looked more hugable than scary.

Game was good and not the most scary tbh but it did gave me a jump from it. Still dont know what the story was. Short and sweet!

The description sounds interesting, but the actual gameplay seems to only touch the surface.There's no story, no real objective, etc. Game has basic functions down, but lacks the in-depth details that holds it together.  


nteresting experience this game. Starts at 4:23! 

Game was pretty good but it was so short. Not sure what the big floating thing was haha. It was the second game i played

Very short, but a nice creepy touch. Enjoyed the graphics and atmosphere.

this game had a great idea, though i was not completely satisfied, great game! i also played it in my youtube video

I didn't really know how to feel about the game, though it did give me a scare or two! The atmosphere was really good though it was also really short. Pretty okay, I'd say. I played it in my video (starting at 13:00)


This was different.


That was the worst horror game I have ever played to be honest. Not sure if this game is even meant to be a serious horror game but I'll rate it as one regardless. Sounds were meh, evironment was terrible, movement meh, horror elements bad though I must say that I liked the graphic style (not the textures).It has no story whatsoever and I don't even know why this game exists. Time waste
0/10 :D


tfw you admit you like an aspect of the game but still rate it a 0/10



Just because I like one aspect of a game doesn't mean I have to give it better rating? smh, the graphic style they choose was good, but what they made out of it was shit. 


chill bro its a free game

I know that :p

The game keeps crashing after the hallway can't fix it, had to start the game 4 times still the same issue...

The   b e a n s

Hello! i loved this game it was eerie and made me on edge! heres my playthrough if you wanna see!

It's a neat concept. If ever you decide to expand upon it, I might recommend adding more stuff to interact with and make it a bit longer.

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GOOD GAME !! please subscribe we lit over here !!!

This game sets up some questions. Where am I really? What was that sound? Why have I got two couches, two pcs and no bed? The answers to the first two are cliche but the last is left tantalizingly unanswered.

Critique ~4:35:


really enjoyed this great scares! Please check out my play through below 

Part of my B&W horror anthology series:

around the 10 minute mark this was the scariest one on the episode but the ending had me laughing 

4:30 hell room

Me han gustado los "pepinos"

Interesting game, pretty short but nice. I made a video of it if anyone would like to check it out. (First game)

I liked it. Very short but really enjoyed the visual effects you have going here.

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Decent game, gave me goosebumps throughout the game. But I wish there was more to it... This game is the first in my video! Check it out! :)

Very short indeed cheers! 

starts at 15:25

VERY short, needs more content.

Game was slightly buggy at the start, had to restart to see the true ending. Still got scared though, perhaps i scare easy now?

A bit odd and the game crashed so I don't know how long it is.

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti

Scary game but i wish i understand the story. I made a vid w/commentary. go check it out!

fun game.

(Your game is the first in the video)

Well. That was short. But nonetheless intriguing enough, as the creatures do pose a strangely threatening presence even if they don't get to do much. Cool atmosphere all around.

Yeah it was short but still it was really good. Although a bit more of a story would have been nice.Its the second video btw.

Thanks for sharing

Interesting game for sure. I only wish there was some lore within the game that let us know what we did that got us to the room. Otherwise, it's a nice game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

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