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Played this like a month ago and got it uploaded now. 

Played your game in a video i made. Hope you enjoy it! Also found that secret at the end totally without cheating! XD


Hi, I played your game for a 3 random horror games video. 

I really enjoyed the game, even though it starts out as a simple-ish maze game it really escalates and got me quite a few times!

(I also managed to get the password at the end haha)

Here's my video for anyone interested (third game)

This was great! Provided a nice challenge in the beginning. I enjoyed this! Here's my playthrough:

Awesome game, i had a fantastic time playing, great job!

I definitly enjoyed this game. Only problem I found was tryin to figure out the answer to the end of the game.

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Whoa! Thanks so much for making this fangame, I can definitely feel some NPO vibes in this for sure. I really liked it a lot! It has such a spooky atmosphere, I was genuinely scared through most of it haha. The eye in the sky is a nice touch ;) I wonder how much secrets you put in this, would love to see it get uncovered..


is there a version for Windows 32-bit version?

Great game!

Great game, little movement glitch I discovered. If you move at a diagonal pressing W&A or W&D you seem to move significantly faster. Could just be me, but it seemed interesting to let it be out there. 

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Fun fact: This glitch also appears in older versions of Minecraft (1.7-1.8 I believe), but significantly slower. I think it's caused by making each key just add velocity in a direction to the player, so if W is 1 speed and D is 1 speed, W+D make 2 speed, diagonally.

The mouse sensitivity was awful in the first part but once I managed to deal with that I actually enjoyed this.


Creepy game. The first jump really got me.

Welcome back spectators and dev,

Lost player, a simulation exercise that turns from a potential rage inducing game to a run for your life while screaming your head off joyride.

The game was simple and yet had gravity. It made me laugh and cry at multiple parts (all due to the fact that I'm a big sissy la la).  I wont lie, the end computer threw me WAY off guard but hey, I made it through.

Dev, thank you so much for your creation, the last few minutes of the video are specifically for you.

Have fun spectators . . .

- L Squared

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Shit, this reminded me of No Players Online. Nice trap elements I hated how I kept dying lmao. I enjoyed the mini jumpscares they almost made me shit myself, Overall this was an enjoyable short horror game, hope to see more content out of this game.

Thanks for the feedback. You all motivate me very much and I will continue to do my job.

Lol, not gonna lie, this game gave me Dark Deception vibes. maybe it's becuz of these things that we have to collect. But no doubt, this game is still great. I hope to see more from you in the future :)

btw here is my video:


Thanks for the feedback. Your video was very funny. I will continue to do my own thing and hope in the future to please you with new games.


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Thanks for the feedback. The video came out very cool.

Gave it a go, although, I cannot fathom what the password is, rip.

You must learn the language of the machine. And then you just have to say “go”