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Hello! i liked this game it reminded me of the older games you used to play on PC. the atmosphere was great and gave a feeling of unease i wasnt able to figure out the puzzzle at the end though so i may revisit it! heres my playthrough if you wanna see! it starts at 4:20

Hello.I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the game!Especially the sound, its very simple yet incredibly unsettling imo. After finding who i was looking for in-game, a screen appears asking for a code (obviously you know this, you made the game lol) is there a code i can input to continue the game or is it unfinished? I want to make sure I explore all of it! 

You need to work with sound

ah ok! Thank you!!


Great atmosphere. I really liked the setup - the minimal graphics and video effects are terrific. I found the gameplay a little frustrating - I appreciate being lost is part of the experience, but it took me ages to find the last pentegram!

Thanks for your feedback

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

The game is not over yet