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The Mothman has been described as a half man, half monster, a bipedal winged humanoid creature. Hes been said to fly over 100 mph. Descriptions of his coloration vary from grey to brown but are typically grey. He is often reported to be about six or seven feet tall with a wingspan of about ten to fifteen feet. His most prominent features are his large bright red glowing, or at least reflective, eyes. Hes usually described as not having arms or a head. Most other details such as texture seem to differ between witnesses.


Walking at night, be careful ...


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Carefully at night

mothman has appeared in the first games of terror! and also gave me a surprise jumpscare


I agree with JackTheBloodyHanded. The game is so short there's no emersion. I can't enjoy a game that's shorter than putting on my shoes. What I did see was great potentional for a game. What was there looked and felt great. You're really onto something amazing here. Good job!


I loved the aesthetics of the game, and I think the concept has potential, but the game is so short, there isn’t a lot of time to attach yourself to the world. Still, I’d like to see a lot more! 

Well, that was a surprisingly short game. Thanks!

Hey anybody know why I can't play this game? It's just a .rar file. Is there something I need to download to play them?

Maybe download itch client? Thats the reason i couldn't play most games

hey i played your game for my channel!

Play this as part of a multi game video starting at 39:04! Finally got to play this, have been wanting to since I seen it! Love the atmosphere of walking alone to the garbage bin, with the sounds of something lurking! Short and sweet and very very creepy is this game! 


Great start to something that could be really cool!

Was not bad but very short. 

Aye Man This Game Is Really SICK! Keep It Up!

The atmosphere is really well done! I'm a sucker for foggy games. Great work!

SKIP TO 46:50!!!

(Your game is the first in the video)

You know. We all talk about how we need unique premises and player experiences in all games.

But sometimes, you really just need a monster to leap at you from out of nowhere.

MOTHMAN delivers this, with a just-strange-enough buildup to make you start wondering what you are in for, only to then provide you a sudden, but surprisingly effective spook. I loved this one!

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i crashed it by mistake.. epic game tho

Hey, I featured your game in my latest Itch.io Horror Games video! It stars around 0:06! Hope ya enjoy!

Can't get it to work, crashes within a minute every time.

Wasn't sure what to expect from a moth and a man hybrid. But amazing game for being short! This was the second game in the video!

hi so i encountered a same problem i had with another game from another creator here on itch.io the first problem i encountered in the first game from the other creator was spinning around and the second problem i encountered from ur game was the character wanting to go back even after not pressing any keys i even restarted both the other creatores game and urs and nothing fixed either of the two problems i was getting i think it could just be on my side too i dont know why because ive never encountered any problems like this before while recording games but tonight was different

Enjoyed trying out the game! 

I really liked this game! It's a great little teaser... I would love to see more! Here's my playthrough:

hellow there creator. I want to say that i played your game and i really enjoyed it. Pretty short but scary. Anyway here is my gameplay. It's the first game. ENJOY!!

Short and sweet.Confused the hell out of the audience.

Creepy but quick, a nice isolated experience (even if it took me a while to realize we were in an apartment complex.

It's the first game I played in this video.
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Regardless of how short it was, it made for a rather hilarious video.

I left some comments in there directly for you developer.  Thanks for showing us your work.

- L Squared

Very terrifying going up against one of the creepiest monsters

Quick and awesome!!



Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick


Im a new to the horror genre and this game creeps me out 10/10 would play a much longer version for the lols


A beautiful game, some delirium, in general well, I would like you to subscribe to my channel "placebogamer" I need you to support my youtube channel, greetings to all ... channel link:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Ze0stcmF5zKGiRwGj2RJA?sub_confirmation=1

Hey I played the game and the ambiance is stunning I actually got scared lol. I love the myth of Mothman and the game did a good job of representing part of him. Anyway good game nice and short so it was fun to record!


I have download this game today and after 2 min of gameplay it crash, plss fix it!

Nice & short!

as a resident of west virginia, i enjoy this

This is so much shorter than anyone could expect :l


short but spooky.

Looks really cool

short creepy
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